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Title; FutureSex / LoveSound
Author; auto
Rating; NC-17
Word Count; 2,435
Pairing; Harry/Draco as main.
Warnings; Drug usages, wanking, fellatio, grinding, mentions of sex
Summary; 'Harry threw his head back as he grasped the hips in front of him and pulling them closer and closer as they danced, grinding, moving against each other with a frenzied pace, their rhythm their own, ignoring the beat that filled the air and bodies around them.'
Disclaimer; All characters, 99.9% of the places and 99.9% of the spells are (C) to JK Rowling, everyone else to me - expect the idea of the plot.
Authors Note; This story was written in response to slavetothislove's request for a songfic using FutureSex / LoveSound by Justin Timberlake. Hope you like :)

You know what you want
And that makes you just like me
See everybody says you're hot, baby
But can you make it hot for me
Said if you're thinking 'bout holding back
Don't worry, boy
'Cause I'm gonna make it so easy
So slide a little bit closer to me, little boy
Daddy's on a mission to please

Harry threw his head back as he grasped the hips in front of him and pulling them closer and closer as they danced, grinding, moving against each other with a frenzied pace, their rhythm their own, ignoring the beat that filled the air and bodies around them.

His dilated pupils stared at the ceiling and watched the lights flash in his eyes, not sure if they were real or from a drug induced haze. He was gasping, trying to get air into his burning lungs as the smoke around them curled and spun in circles his eyes tracking each movement as if it were a snitch.

He lowered his head to stare at the dark skinned man in front of him pressing himself closer and closer until their lips touched with every moment. He was grinning feeling the music pound through him, causing his muscles to tremble with each passing moment as they move against each other more and more as the music got louder and louder each passing crash of noise.

The air was filled with the moans and groans of the notorious underground club as people were dragged out from the dance floor to be slammed up against the wall, or taken away to spend the night in another bed.

There were no rules here, just recommendations.

He felt someone brush up against him and begin to dance with him. He turned to look at the man getting an eyeful of pale skin and dark hair and bright blue eyes. He grinned at the man as he felt an erect cock press against his ass. He pressed back and drew the man in front of him closer, forming a cocoon of writhing bodies around him.

He whimpered and dropped his head back against the taller mans shoulder feeling two different sets of lips attack his neck and begin to bite and suck, using their flesh for their pleasure.

He gasped when he felt a hand grasp him and begin to stroke. His eyes closed as he arched grinding against the palm shamelessly, desperate for a release of sort.

He felt someone whisper in his ear and he turned to stare into the hazy eyes of the man next to him. He nodded a smile on his face as he took the small vial and handed over a wad of notes. Quickly he took whatever he had been given feeling the drugs rush through his body as he grinned his spirit and body soaring.

Wait a second
He's hopped up on me
I've got him in my zone
His body's pressed up on me
I think he's ready to blow
Must be my future sex love sound
And when it goes down
Baby all you gotta do is

“Well well, Potter, what a surprise,” a sarcastic voice permeated his drug and sex filled haze.

Harry rolled his head to the side his neck still open for the two men to feast on. He grinned when he noticed the smirking blonde standing there, his eyes a little shocked.

“Malfoy,” Harry said just before hissing as the man behind him ran a hand up his bare chest to begin to play with his nipples. He moaned as they were twisted and his eyes fluttered closed uncaring except for the pleasure in his mind.

“This is hardly good behavior for a Gryffindor,” the cold voice broke through his mind once more.

“I know,” Harry said opening his eyes once more. With a grin he pushed the man in front of him away before reaching out and grabbing the blonde. Pulling him against his body he began to grind hips moving with easily from years of practice. “But I don’t care,” he hissed moving to wrap arms around Draco’s waist holding them closer together.

“You need to go home,” Draco hissed his body unyielding and stiff, a spot of stillness in the moving mass of bodies.

“Did Ron send you again?” Harry asked as he released Draco to lean against the man behind him again feeling the lips attack again. He continued to move his hips grinding between the two men uncaring of the wanton display he was making.

“Yes,” Draco said through gritted teeth as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Just like a good little dog, woof woof,” Harry said as he reached a hand up behind him to grasp the long hair of whoever was behind him. “Go away Malfoy, I’m busy here,” he said turning to begin to kiss the man behind him feeling his mouth be plundered. He felt a hand grab his crotch and begin to squeeze him gently and he smiled and groaned pressing against the palm in front of him.

Draco hissed and Harry felt a hand reach behind his neck and yank him forward dislocating the man behind him as he was dragged against the slim body in front of him. He stumbled a little and collapsed against the blond winding arms around his neck and digging fingers in the blonde hair as he let the blonde support his weight. Turning his head he giggled and shrugged at the pale man behind him, “Sorry love, he’s a little protective.”

“What the fuck are you on Potter?” Draco asked as he wrapped arms around Potters drooping form.

“I think it was E, not sure though, feels good,” he purred as he began to move against Draco his hands moving down to rest in the blondes back pockets bringing them flush. “Dance with me love,” he breathed moving his face closer to Draco until their eyes were only inches apart.

Draco swallowed as he was drawn into the dark green eyes of the Savior and he nodded his head slightly beginning to move his hips against Harry’s unsure of himself. Clubbing was not his scene; he hated the hot and sweaty aspect of it.

“S’good,” Harry murmured against Draco’s lips as his hands slid under the blonde’s shirt dragging his up.

Draco yanked his shirt back down glaring at the half naked man. “It is indecent,” he hissed out.

Harry grinned rolling a shoulder and tugged the shirt up. “No one cares, I want to see you,” Harry whispered drawing the shirt up higher and higher fighting against Draco until the shirt was gone. With a smile he tucked it into Draco’s back pocket before grabbing his ass and beginning to grind harder, gyrating to the beat of the music.

Draco was staring at him his cheeks red. Harry wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or from the heat that surrounded them. Draco pressed himself against Harry trying to hide his half naked body from the prying eyes of the rest of the club feeling out of place.

“Feels good,” Harry said with a gasp as he threw his head back once more his movements becoming frenzied even more as he writhed against Draco uncaring of the blonde’s embarrassment. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to drop into the haze of smoke and sweat.

Just tell me which way you like that
All you gotta do is
Tell me which way you like that
Do you like it like this
Do you like it like that
Tell me which way you like that
Tell me which way you like that

A voice broke through Harry’s drug filled mind and he opened hazy eyes to see a flushed blonde in front of him. He squinted trying to place the face. “Malfoy, still here?” he asked his head rolling from one side to the other.

“Yes, let’s go,” Draco gasped out trying to regain control of the situation.

“No, it’s still too early,” Harry whispered.

“It’s four in the morning,” Draco said sternly.

“Two hours left,” Harry said working a hand between the two of them and grabbing Draco beginning to stroke the boy through his pants.

Draco gasped throwing his head back baring the pale neck. Harry leant over and licked a stripe up to his ear. “I want you,” Harry breathed out voice low and seductive as he slowed his movements to controlled loops as his hands squeezed Draco’s arse and cock at the same time.

Harry could see Draco’s Adam’s apple bob and he swallowed and he leant forward wrapping lips around the protruding flesh and sucking it into his mouth tasting smoke and salt on the skin. He felt the vibrations as Draco moaned and he opened his mouth a little wider sinking his teeth around the flesh biting gently causing the blonde to jerk.

He felt hands grasp his hips and was jerked against the blonde in a desperate attempt for more friction. Harry smirked and tightened his hand before dexterous fingers undid the button and zipper on the blondes pants and his hand was inside, gripping the warm flesh as he began to slide his hand up down.

He felt a hand grip his arm and he stopped smirking up at Draco from under his fringe.

“Stop, we’re in public,” Draco gasped out his pupils dilated so they were black holes filled only with lust.

“Look around, people don’t give a fuck,” Harry said beginning to move his hand up and down pressing close and grinding a little adding to the friction a little more.

“I do, please can we go?” Draco gasped out. Harry smiled and began to press up against Draco pushing him backwards further and further away from the middle of the dance floor until Draco was pressed against the wall in a shadowy alcove. Draco could see other places like this, with other men doing exactly what they were doing.

You can't stop, baby
You can't stop once you've turned me on
And your enemy are your thoughts, baby
So just let em go
'Cause all I need is a moment alone
To give you my tone
And put you out of control
And after you let it in
We'll be skin to skin
It's just so natural

Draco’s head hit the wall when he felt a mouth envelope him and begin to suck expertly - a tongue sliding up and down his shaft sucking, licking and occasionally biting. He made the mistake of looking down and saw green eyes stare up at him, rosy lips stretched taut around his cock. He watched as Harry drew back to lick at the slip swirling it around his eyes half mast and shining with joy, appreciation and lust before he took it all in at once.

Draco cried out as he felt a throat constrict around him and a nose touch his abdomen. His fingers found way into the wiry hair and tug trying to get more friction, more heat, more anything. He felt hands climb up his thigh and holding his hips steady before Harry began move his head up and down harshly throat open and breathing through his nose, trying to fuck his mouth on Draco’s cock.

Draco’s head hit the wall against as he raised a hand to grasp his own hair tugging it painfully trying to stave off his orgasm as he began to writhe against the wall trying to get something more, anything. He arched his back as Harry tongued the vein on his cock and he felt his balls draw up.

His hands scrabbled, trying to find a grip on the wall as every muscle in his body tensed as the music around them began to climb higher and higher, the bass around them threading its way through his muscles and into his body his bloody rushing all to one point. He felt himself closer and closer as the music reached a pulsing zenith before silence filled the air for a moment and Draco screamed as his orgasm washed over him as the music started again – a low sinuous beat that sped up as he felt his body empty itself into the willing mouth below him.

Harry continued to suck even as Draco finished and he moaned his body still jerking with the aftershocks of his orgasm and his cock too sensitive, but it felt so good, so freaking good that even when he tried to tug the brunette away it was half hearted and all he could do was moan as he felt himself fill up, and become hard once more, and Harry kept on sucking never stopping, green eyes wide open and smirking around his mouthful as he looked up at the debauched blonde.

Harry hooked fingers into Draco’s pants and pulled them down a little before moving of off Draco’s erect cock and sucking his fingers into his mouth before sliding a finger into Draco and beginning to suck on his cock again.

Draco’s thighs trembled and his knees buckled as he bit his hand trying to stop from gasping as Harry’s fingers and mouth worked him like a violin. Against all odds he felt himself speeding towards completion and then he was coming once again this time with a yell that had a few people turning to look at him before grinning and looking away.

This time after Draco had finished Harry released him and stood up dragging the blonde’s pants back up before kissing the blonde.

Draco opened his mouth only to be met with a warm rush of something salty and bitter. It took a moment for him to realize that it was his own come but he found as Harry began to possess his mouth that it didn’t matter that much. He swallowed it down before he could choke on it and began to kiss Harry back.

He's hopped up on me
I've got him in my zone
His body's pressed up on me
I think he's ready to blow
Must be my future sex love sound
And when it goes down
Baby all you gotta do is

He felt a erection press into his leg and he reached for it only to have the hand battered away. He pulled back from the kiss and frowned looking at Harry who was smirking.

Harry leant forward and nibbled his earlobe. “The only way I am coming tonight is when I fuck” - Draco shivered at the amount of sensuality and promise in that single world – “you so hard you won’t be able to sit or walk straight for weeks.”

Draco gasped feeling his exhausted cock give a small twitch of interest before dying down once more. He felt lips travel over his neck licking, nipping and sucking alternately leaving a trail of red marks as Harry’s lips traveled down until he felt teeth sink into his nipple slightly and the flesh pulled into the mouth. He gasped back arching and pants falling down a little more.

He did up his pants quickly not wanting to give anyone another free show. Harry let go of the nipple and instead sunk his teeth into the flesh around it pulling the flesh into his mouth, sucking as hard as he could, and bit down a little harder determined to leave a mark of some sort.

Draco was panting, wondering when this had all gone so pear shaped. It had been simple, go to the club, get Harry and take him back to Ron to fix up for the night. It was a common thing, happening once a week, and yet this time he had managed to get it so he was braced against a wall with a wicked mouth latched onto his chest sucking like a professional.

“Bed, need bed,” Draco gasped out hands entwining in the black hair in front of him.

“Lets go then,” Harry whispered seductively before suddenly the sounds of the club was and Draco was pushed down on the bed and all thought flew out the window.

Just tell me which way you like that
All you gotta do is
Tell me which way you like that
Do you like it like this
Do you like it like that
Tell me which way you like that
Tell me which way you like that

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