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athena university (10/10)

Title: Athena University
Author/Artist: Hannah auto
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that JK has written. Other non canon characters are people I made up.
Summary: Things ended up going a little differently for Harry during 4th year. And now after graduating from Hogwarts he is in California, USA to finish of his education away from everyone. But what happens when a ceritan someone comes back to haunt him.

Two years later Harry grinned over at his boyfriend who was standing across from him looking at him with the same soft smile on his face that he had been given all those years ago. “I do,” he said softly closing the binding rights as he slid the silver ring on his soon to be husband’s finger.

“By the powers vested in me, I pronounce you husband, and husband, you may kiss each other now,” the priest chanted as cheers broke out as Harry and Draco kissed.


“Har, I want kids,” Draco said suddenly looking up from where he was working on his thesis for his final year of schooling.

Harry looked up at his husband of two years and blinked. “I thought we were going to wait a little longer?”

“I know, but after I saw Conner and Theo with Hunter I realized I wanted a kid as well,” Draco said with a soft grin as he stood up and perched on his husbands lap with a pout.

Harry chuckled at his means, “Fine Dray, if it makes you happy.”

Draco grinned and leaned in for a kiss that quickly turned into something else. Harry pulled back for a second to stare into Draco’s eyes seriously, “I’m not carrying it.”


“Effectively this potion is going to turn you into a girl for the five months needed. You will lose everything you currently have and gain a vagina and nothing will turn back until the taker has been impregnated and the baby is born. It will be painful as your body changes, but I am told that once pregnant it is actually a nice feeling. Also, you cannot have sex while one of you is pregnant – the male body can only take so much at once. The potion will only allow for one to three children – but it is debated that if powerful enough there might be the chance of four to five. Now do you two still feel like you want to go through with this?” the doctor asked the couple sitting across from them.

“His choice not mine,” Harry said nodding his head towards Draco who had gone even paler if that was possible.

However a moment later Draco nodded his face set in hardened resolve. “Yes,” he said squeezing his husbands hand for encouragement.

“Brilliant, now just sign here and it’ll all be set,” the doctor continued.

Draco nodded and signed the papers before sitting back with a sigh.

“Ok, now here is the potion take it when you get home and wait two days before continuing on. Also, I get rights as godparents to the first child,” the doctor continued on with a grin.

“How about the third child Con?” Harry asked with a grin.

“Fine then. I highly doubt you’ll have more than one child anyways, I guess this is punishment for your freshman year of college aye?” Conner said with a pout before handing over the vial.

“It’s for the closet one – that was mean,” Draco said with a grin as he took the vial and stood up tugging on Harry’s hand. “The sooner the better,” he said before nodding to the now blue haired doctor before apparating away.


“I swear to god Potter, we are never having another kid again,” Draco said glaring at his husband who was hiding behind Theo with a sheepish grin.

“I swear only you two could take a potion that would create one kid and somehow get four out of it, its amazing, it truly it,” Conner said with a grin as he finished writing down his report. “I swear, in the five years I’ve been working here, I have never seen that, and I’ve see a lot of male pregnancies,” he said moving to sit by the bed where Draco was recovering from his labor.

“Harry lives in the world of impossible. So now that you guys have three little boys and one girl what are you going to name them?” Ron asked with a grin as he leaned on the opposite wall.

“James Sirus, Thomas Daniel, Lily Narcissa, and Lucius Severus,” Harry and Draco replied at the same time before shooting grins at each other.

“Lucius Severus? Who chose that one? No, don’t answer that I don’t want to know,” Ron said with a grin before he was elbowed in the side by Hermione.

“They’re nice names you two,” Hermione said with a grin.


“OK, smile for the camera kids, you fathers as well,” Conner called out with a grin balancing a child on a hip and a camera in his other hand.

Draco and Harry attempted to hold onto their errant children – but soon lost them.

“I miss when they couldn’t walk,” Harry said ruefully looking to where their four children were playing with their friends kids.

“Well now that the kids are a year old, think only ten more before they go to Hogwarts,” Ron said with a grin bouncing the two kids sitting on his legs up and down.

“It’s odd really, there are a total of twenty three kids, ages one to nine, weird man weird,” Neville said shaking his head.

“So who are they again?” Theo asked with a frown.

“Well, me ‘n Hermione have Laertes, Ophelia, Channery, Noah, Caedmon, Leif, and Chandi. Fred has Loki, Mali and Janisa, George has Jinx, and Cricket, Nev and Blaise have Rose and Tavon, Pansy and Theo have Filia, Seamus and Dean have Artemisia or rather Art as they call her, Harry and Draco have Lily, James, Thomas and Lucius and then you two have Hunter, Arrow and Catcher,” Ron said with a grin.

“Twenty bloody three kids and more on the way no doubt, well maybe not you and Hermione, after all, seven kids in four years, I think our Hermione has had enough,” Harry said with a grin as Hermione nodded her head quickly.

“And there will be no more children for us either unless you carry them,” Draco said glaring at Harry who shrugged.

“Well, you had a nicer disposition for those five months, and you had no problem giving me some tender lovin’ feeling when I needed it,” Harry said with a cheeky grin.

Draco frowned and slapped Harry on the back of his head, “And there will be no more if you keep that up Mr. Potter-Malfoy.”

“Whatever you say Mrs. Potter-Malfoy,” Harry said with a grin ducking of the chair to go stop Lily from slamming Noah and Catcher into the mud – again.


“Can you believe it, the year our kids start school is this year, it’s odd going to be seeing them so much!” Harry said leaning around the headmaster with a grin.

“I know, you’ve been working here for how long now? Ten years? And I’ve been here for about five years now,” Draco said shaking his head.

“Well the both of you are going to have to deal with them if there is any trouble, as respective heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin I am expecting that at least one of your kids are going to be in each house, so far because of you two those houses have managed to stay out of some trouble, in fact it’s been good ever since you two left – and its been better since you came back,” Snape said from his spot between them.

Harry – the head of Gryffindor – and Draco – the head of Slytherin just grinned at each other and shrugged their shoulders in tandem. Harry opened his mouth about to say something but wasn’t able to finish because at this point the doors to the Great Hall opened and the first years following Neville – the Herbology teacher - walked in. They were looking around nervously.

It wasn’t hard for the married couple to spot their own kids, James and Lucius had the same unruly black hair that Harry had, but the eyes and build of their other father – they were identical in ever which way, only their fathers and their sister could tell them apart. Thomas had unruly hair, but it was a very dark blonde and he had one gray eye and one green eye. Lily was the opposite of all of them. She had long straight blond hair that was common the Malfoy family, but had Harry’s green eyes and looked – or so he was told – like his mother. They boys were standing next to each other looking a little intimidated but then they spotted their fathers and they seemed to relax. Lily was between a tall redhead and an ever taller child with bright pink hair. She looked completely and utter relaxed as if she belonged there and nowhere else. With a grin she turned and began to talk to the redhead and was soon joined in by the pink haired child.

“Whoes child is the redhead that Lily is talking to? And who in Merlin’s name is that child with the pink hair?” Snape asked quietly.

“The redhead is Ron and Hermione’s middle child, Noah, and then the pink haired child is Catcher – Theo and Conner’s youngest, if you can’t tell Catch takes after Con more so than Theo,” Draco replied with a grin.

Snape nodded and rolled his eyes. They now had at least one Weasley in every year – courtesy of Ron, Fred and George and respected partners, along with two Longbottoms – both third years -, four Potter-Malfoys, two Watkins-Makenzies – a first year and a third year - two Notts – a second and a fifth - and one Thomas-Finnegan – a sixth year – he was getting to old for this

The students had come up to the front of the hall where Neville was now standing holding the scroll and reading the names off. Draco and Harry zoned out until they heard their own kids being called.

“Potter-Malfoy, James,” was the first one called.

He detached himself from the crowd and made his way nervously to the front of the room to sit on the stool.

“Slytherin,” Draco whispered.

“Naw, Gryffindor, remember last week?” Harry said turning to look at this husband who nodded absently in agreement.

Snape rolled his eyes – would the rivalry never end?

“Hufflepuff,” the hat called out a few moments later as Harry and Draco stared at their child stunned for a moment before they grinned slightly and clapped along with everyone else.

“Potter-Malfoy, Lily,” was the next one of the children was called.

“Slytherin,” they both said at the same time causing them to grin.

“Hufflepuff,” the hat called out once again amidst clapping.

Snape felt his lips twitch as he fought to keep the grin off his face – some of the members of his faculty were not holding it in as well as he was. Ron – the flying teacher - and Conner – the mediwitch - were looking as if they were going to die from trying not to laugh so loudly, Hermione – the Transfiguration teacher - was grinning and Theo – the Astronomy teacher - was chuckling softly.

“Potter-Malfoy, Lucius,” Neville called as he fought to keep the grin of off his face.

Harry and Draco stayed silent this time not sure what exactly was going to happen.

“Slyth-,” the hat began as Draco and Harry fought to keep excitement off their face, “Nope, Gryffin – “it continued as the staff began to frown – the hat changing its mind out loud? This was an odd day indeed. “Fine, Hufflepuff!” the hat called out finally in what could only be an annoyed voice. This made Lucius grin before hopping down to go join his brother and sister.

“Potter-Malfoy, Thomas,” Neville called out his lips twitching.

“Well he’s a Hufflepuff for sure, he’s as loyal as they come, you see how he always stands up for Lily, James or Lucius,” Draco muttered as Harry nodded.

“But at the rate he’s going he’s going to end up in Gryffindor,” Snape murmured hiding his smile behind a hand.

The hat seemed to take a long time. Harry had started to drum his fingers against the table.

“No house,” the house finally called out into silence.

“What?” the teachers along the table exploded at once before they all turned to look between Thomas, Snape and the hat.

“How is that possible?” Hermione asked.

“I have no clue,” Snape said stumped as the rest of them were.

“Hey Thom, what did the hat say?” Harry asked his son.

“He said I can choose because I am equal parts of all four houses,” the blonde boy said looking up at his fathers scared but not afraid at the same time.

“Ok then boy, what house do you want to be in?” Snape asked.

“I dunno, I wanna be with Lil, Jimmy and Luc, but I wanna go into a different house as well,” he said shrugging his shoulders. “But I also wanna separate my self and make my own name, so that means I’ll have to go into Ravenclaw,” the boy finished with a smile as Snape nodded and he slipped off the stool to where the table had started cheering.

“I swear to god, only you two,” Snape muttered dropping his head into his hands.

Draco’s face was schooled into a proud smile – even with Ron, Conner, Theo, and Hermione laughing or giggling like mad. Harry on the other hand was staring in shock at where his four children sat oblivious to what was happening because of where they were place. Neville was fighting to keep a grin of off his face as he called out the next students. A few of the older students were grinning – having heard the stories of the three children’s fathers in their school days – and the people who knew the two parents – mainly their friends kids – were literally on the floor laughing.

At that moment their three kids at Hufflepuff and the one at Ravenclaw turned around and grinned wickedly at their fathers before shrugging innocently and turned back to talk with their new housemates.

“Those little buggers, they planned this,” Draco said turning to look at his husband.

“You think they’re still mad at us for last month?” Harry asked turning to look at his husband who shrugged.

“Yea, I think so. But how in the hell did they get around the hat? Sev, is there a way they can do that?” Draco asked with a frown.

“Only very strong Occumentlests, like you two or myself could fool the hat. Do they know Occulmentry?” he asked as Harry and Draco managed to look sheepish.

“Umm whoops?” Harry said.

Draco opened his mouth about to say something before the next name caught his attention.

Watkins-Mackenzie, Catcher,” Neville called as the pink haired child walked up to the chair and sat down. The hat was barely on its head before it called out, “Hufflepuff.”

“That’s a surprise,” Snape heard Harry mutter sarcastically as he watched Catcher walk and join his friends.

They stayed in silence for the rest of the time not sure what to make of this sorting, it was turning out to be different than anyone had expected.

Finally the last name was going to be called, Weasley, Noah. Both Ron and Hermione sat up a little at that looking at their middle child expectantly. He was the fourth one of theirs to get sorted, after his older sisters who were in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and much to everyone’s surprise when it had happened, Slytherin.

“Hufflepuff,” the hat called out as the crowd broke into cheers.

Ron looked a little redder than usual but Hermione was clapping away enthusiastically with everyone else as Noah went and sat down next to Lily who immediately began to talk to her friend. Snape at this point was grinning from ear to ear and chuckling slightly – something that was unusual and so it wasn’t an uncommon look of fear that spread among the students he stood up and held his hands out for quiet.

“Now then, food is coming soon. But first I have the rules to go over, stay away from the forbidden forest if you know what’s good for you, listen to your respective prefects, head boy and girl, teachers and your heads of house. Your heads are, Mr. Potter for Gryffindor, Mr. Malfoy for Slytherin, Mr. Longbottom for Hufflepuff and Mrs. Weasley for Ravenclaw. I expect nothing will go wrong this year, no matter who the student is. There has been no trouble here for sixteen years – and I plan to keep it this way. Also – students whose parents are teachers hear, you will still have to call them Professor or Sir like everyone else in class, outside of class is a different story. Quidditch tryouts are going to be next week, are there any questions?” Snape asked looking around. “Goo- what is it Mrs. Potter-Malfoy?” he asked slowly catching sight of Lily holding up her hand.

“Umm Uncle, I mean Professor, Noah, Catch and I were wonderin’ sir if you could tell us the number on detentions that Father, I mean Professor Malfoy, Dad, I mean Professor Potter, and auntie and uncle, I mean Professers Weasley and Weasley had in their school years?” Lily asked with the pout that she knew her Uncle would not be able to resist. Harry and Draco exchanged a look wondering where this was going to go.

“Together or separate Mrs. Potter-Malfoy,” Snape asked raising his eyebrow as he looked at his niece wondering what she was up too. He could see the six parents exchange glances of worry.

“Separate,” she replied.

“Well then, if I remember correctly Mr. Malfoy in the seven years he was here had about a hundred detentions,” Snape said pausing for the gasps at the number before grinning. “Mrs. Weasley was a good student and you should follow her example – she had two. Mr. Weasley on the other hand ended up with one hundred and seventy-six,” he said stopping for a moment at the whispering. “And I do believe Mr. Potter has the all time most detentions records, he beat his father’s record – which was two hundred and twenty three. Mr. Potter got about five hundred and twenty seven,” he finished with a grin into the silence.

“And you have me five hundred of those in potions, one for each class,” Harry said with a grin.

“Yes, now eat and no more questions,” Snape said before sitting down and beginning to eat.

“Yes Sir,” Lily said before sitting down as whispers broke out across the hall.

“Hey Harry,” Ron called out.

“Yeah?” he replied absently.

“Doesn’t seem like you got that many and I could’ve sworn I got less than that,” Ron said with a grin.

“You did Mr. Weasley, I just lied, as I did about Mr. Potters,” Snape replied absently before beginning to eat refusing to answer any more questions.


“I can’t believe that they have graduated! I mean it seemed like only a moment ago they were just kids walking into the hall looking all scared,” Conner gushed from his seat next to Harry as they watched their kids walk up and take the scrolls that signified their graduation.

“No, what I can’t believe is the fact that Dray and I have been married now for almost twenty bloody years, together for twenty two and neither of us have killed each other,” Harry said with a grin looking over to where his husband sat in the Headmasters chair. Snape had retired a year ago unable to handle the kids anymore – and so the Sorting Hat had chosen Draco as the Headmaster, and Hermione as his deputy headmaster.

“No, what I can’t believe that that I have seven kids, only one of them in Gryffindor, three, THREE, of them in Slytherin, two in Ravenclaw and then Noah in Hufflepuff. Also that your daughter actually beat the detention record – a false record at that – and then my son came in third, while Catcher came in second,” Ron said from his other side of Harry.

“What I can’t believe is how much you guys are complaining when your kids around about to graduate,” Hermione said from the other side of Conner with a grin.

That shut the three men up as they watched as their kids slowly made the way to where Draco was going to present them with their certificate. Harry smiled softly at his husband watching him move and talk to each kid giving them a word of advice here and there and making sure they were all fine. As much as Harry knew he was loathe admitting it, but he was a lot happier in his current position than he had been.

Harry grinned as he heard the first of his children’s name being called up.

“Lily Potter-Malfoy,” Draco called out into the crowd of students.

Harry sat up a little straighter watching with a proud smile as she walked to the front of the room. Draco had said she took after both their mothers, only the best parts of course. Lily was grinning as she always was from ear to ear as she walked up to her father and went through the same things over again. He watched as Draco gave her a hug and she whispered something in his ear at which he nodded. Lily – instead of following the other students – walked over to where Harry sat to give him a hug.

Harry was beaming right now as he stood up to give his daughter a hug.

‘Hey Dad, guess what. Noah asked me to marry him and I said yes and so a couple of weeks ago we got married, and since we are both 17 there is nothing you or father can do,’ she whispered in his ear which caused him to start and stare at her.

‘You’re father is still going to kill you, after he castrates Noah. But we’ll talk about this later, don’t ruin your fathers day,’ Harry replied in kind before letting her go to walk with the other people.

He sat down watching as she made her way to her seat and watched as Lucius began to make his way up. He could see a few people look at him as if he had gone mental – but he had no clue why they were looking at him like that.

“Harry, did you know she could do that?” Ron hissed in his ear

“Do what?” he asked turning back to her confused.

“She was hissing to you, and you were hissing back, I didn’t know she spoke Parsletounge,” Hermione said with a frown.

“Neither did I,” Harry replied in shock turning to look at his daughter who was smiling at him.

He turned back in time to see his eldest son standing in front of him. Wiping his face of his confusion he hugged Lucius as well, followed by James and Thomas before sitting down to wonder at this predicament.


“I can’t believe you two are making me do this,” Harry muttered later that night as he look at Lily and Noah who were standing there grinning at him. “Draco is going to die when he finds out he’s now related to Ron, and I’m going to be the one that takes the blame. How in the hell did I agree to this, how did you two get me to agree to tell them I said ok. I am so dead and there is going to be no sex for a month,” Harry continued on pacing nervously.

“Eww Dad, eww,” Lily said wrinkling up her nose.

“Yeah dad, eww,” Noah said with cheeky grin.

“And we still need to talk about that parsletounge thing, when did you learn it, I thought I was going to be the last one to speak that,” Harry said frowning.

Lily shrugged. “All four of us can,” she said simply.

Harry groaned. “How the three of you ended up in Hufflepuff and Thom in Ravenclaw I’ll never know.”

“Come on, it’s time to go eat,” Noah said pushing Harry out the door before Lily pushed him.

Harry could see everyone sitting at their large table and he swallowed wishing he could be anywhere but where he was at that point. Moving so he sat at the head of the table next to Malfoy he waited until everyone had quieted down before he began to speak.

“So umm..first congrats to everyone who graduated. I am sure you are all going to be doing good..and ummm I’ve been told I need to give a little announcement of joy tonight. So here goes,” Harry began as everyone looked around at each other wondering what was going on. “So Lily and Noah got married,” Harry said quickly before sitting down and staring at his plate.

Silence followed his announcement and he dared not look up.

“Father breath,” Lily said breaking the silence. Harry turned to look at Draco who was looking as if he was going to die of lack of oxygen soon.

“Da, breath,” Noah said. Harry’s gaze shifted to look at Ron who was looking the same as Draco.

Both of them released their breaths at the same time and their skin turned normal. Of course at this time most everyone at the table was either snickering slightly. A moment later everyone was offering their congratulations to the newly married couple.

“Hey Ron, you’re related to Malfoy now,” Neville said before breaking into laughter.

Draco and Ron started to glare at each other. Ron opened his mouth about to start venting towards Draco but James’s smooth voice cut through them.

“So I guess now would be a good time to tell you all that Rose and I are engaged?” the second eldest Potter-Malfoy spoke with a smile grasping the hand of the dark skinned girl next to him and showing the ring that she had.

This spurned another round of congratulations that James and Rose took with smiles.

“Drakie, Hary how did you two end up with at least two straight children,” Conner asked with a smile leaning on the table.

“No clue, ask them,” Draco said with a shrug before dropping his head in his arms. “Oh god, I’m related to Weasley, Harry kill me now.”

“And miss your grandchild, I think not,” Lily said with all seriousness.

“He got you pregnant? Is that why you got married?” Draco asked sitting up his eyes flashing dangerously.

“Only after we got married, after the lectures I got from you about safe sex and all that jazz. I heard that freakin lecture at least twice a year since I started puberty,” Lily retorted.

Draco deflated after that and nodded. “Well it could be worse I supposed, as long as he treats you right, and he doesn’t try anything fishy. And he’d better know that if he does anything to harm you, the baby, or anything I will not hesitate to seek and destroy, got it?”

Noah nodded quickly his eyes wide.

“If I seem to remember, that sex lecture came in second only to the one about not fighting in school if I remember,” Lucius said with a drawl worthy of his grandfathers.

All the adults at that table looked at each other and snorted at that before dissolving into peals of laughter causing the kids to look around in confusion.

“What? What did I say?” Lucius said drawing himself up in anger.

“Nothing, it’s just funny that Har and blondie gave you that lecture. Did you know that half of the detentions they got in school were for fighting…each other,” Fred managed to get out before collapsing into laughter.

“Ok that’s enough about us, are there any more surprises for the night. Lucius, Thomas anyone you’re getting married to in the future? Or seeing anyone right now?” Draco said his voice a slow drawl.

“Well I’m not getting married, but I am seeing someone,” Lucius said inspecting his fingernails.

Draco stared at his youngest child. “Whom may I ask is that?”

Lucius grinned and leaned over to the pink haired boy on his right and began to kiss Catcher for all he was worth. It only took a moment before they were in a heavy snogging display.

“I’m married to my studies, so don’t worry,” Thomas said with a grin leaning back on his chair and pushing up his glasses – the only child to have them.

“Lucius Severus Potter-Malfoy stop that this instant,” Draco scolded.

Lucius peeled away from his boyfriend and grinned sheepishly at his parents.

“Thank god we managed to corrupt one child,” Harry said with a grin as the entire table started to laugh again.

“Harry, I don’t want to be related to Ron!” Draco whispered his voice a while.

Harry rolled his eyes and leaned in close. “I’ll give you two blow jobs just the way you like them - a day - until the baby is born if you agree to this and don’t say anything about it ever again,” he whispered in Draco’s ear.

“Sooo, Congratulations the both of you! I am so glad to welcome you into the family Noah, I am sure you are bound to do great things. I guess this effectively stops the Weasley/Malfoy feud, so a double congratulation is in order,” Draco said with an overlarge grin as he shook Noah’s and then Ron’s hand. “Eat, everyone eat and be merry,” he finished with a grin as food appeared.

Everyone looked at him confused for a moment before looking over at Harry who winked at them all before eating in.


“These is the only fucking children I will ever have,” Lily said eight months later glaring at Noah.

“That’s what Hermione said,” Ron said with a grin earning him a smack across the shoulder. “And you have six siblings in law and married the middle child,” he continued on with a cheeky grin.

“Fuck, it’s true, I am officially blood related to Weasley,” Draco said leaning against Harry for support.

“How’d you figure that one out,” Ron asked frowning.

“I’m blood related to Lily, and you are blood related to Noah and now Montana Syna and Oliver Killian join us by blood,” Draco said with a grimace.

“Dad, be quiet,” Lily said glaring at her father.

“And after all this time I still get treated like this,” Draco exclaimed turning to Harry who was grinning.

“Calm down Dray, it’s fine,” Harry said trying not to laugh.

Draco glared at his husband of twenty years about to rant.

“Hey dad, did you know you have some gray hair?” Lily asked innocently.

Draco whirled around staring at his daughter for a moment before stalking out of the room in a hurry muttering something about needing a mirror.

“That was mean young lady,” Harry said glaring at his only daughter.

“So, he was stressing me out, now if you’ll excuse me I need to sleep,” Lily said as she scooted down the bed and snuggled in.

Harry rolled his eyes at Ron and Hermione before they left the room leaving the new happy parents to sleep.

A/N; Thank you all for reading! :)
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