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Title: Anapneo
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: Pg-Pg-13
Summary: It's been two years after Hogwarts a year after the demise of Voldemort and all that's left are the warriors, the surviors and the space between the ending and the new beginnings.

Chapter 11

Draco was bodily flung back by a wind spell in combination with a fire spell that left his shabby robes slight a flame. He rolled quickly putting them out before climbing to his feet. He looked to see the wild crazed eyes of Lucrezia Galdian. She was one of the older witches under Voldemort’s spell. Angry and unfortunate. Her son had married a muggle and it had literally driven her over the edge.

He saw Harry spring into action and heard sounds coming from the back of the house. The chaos was so great that Hermione was beside him before he realized that she had even been apart of the battle, brandishing her wand like a finely made sword.

“Stay behind me.” She murmured and he slipped in behind her. “You’re rather useless without a wand.”

“I have my reasons!” Draco snapped as a wiz of a spell went passed them.

“Fuck your bloody reasons!” She stated as she wedged them both behind the staircase.

Harry was suddenly beside them. Ginny is on Lucrezia… We’ve incapacitated those that we could.”

“And those that you couldn’t?” Draco couldn’t help but ask.

“I believe you have a rather good idea.” Harry replied and sighed.

“What is happening?” Hermione rasped as the building shook.

“Booming pellets!” Ginny cried grabbing her arm and pulling her with them. “Ron will meet us on the other side.”

Harry and Draco ran after them quickly and somehow Draco found that it was easier not to ask questions when you’re life was apparently in danger. Once outside of the mansion he found Ron, bent over, hands and knees beside a car. A muggle car.

“Get behind it.” He murmured as he collapsed and Harry and Ginny grabbed him pulling him along.

The mansion blew up in sparking green fire. Draco didn’t have to ask what booming pellets were anymore.


“The list of casualties is high.” Hermione stated as she dictated her report to the ministry. “In the initial battle Tonks was injured but Lupin managed to get her away from the battle. Minstra Grenda was killed and many of the force of Death Eaters is believed to be dead. Galdian ended the battle with booming pellets and completely destroyed the Malfoy mansion. At this point we still don’t know exactly why the Death Eaters are after Draco. But we are sure that we have either slowed or stopped their advances for the time being. We will take three days. In this time we plan to capture Bella Diander… The standing leader of the Death Eaters as far as our sources have told us. And on a further note… Other then Diander… we think that all the Death Eaters that can use the modified killing curse are dead.”

“That was a pretty bold statement.” Draco murmured.

“It was the truth.” Ginny stated. “We closely monitored those we could to figure out who knew it and who didn’t. We got six people. Five of them are dead.”

“Sounds serious.” Draco pulled his coat tighter around him. “Where are we going?”

“Back to London. Ginny and the twins will go and collect Diander and we will go to the base and hopefully, finally finish this.”

“Do you really think it will be that simple?”

“We’re going based on the hope that Diander is the only one that knows the reason that Voldemort asked that you be captured. That will kill the info structure of the Death Eaters. You’ll never truly be safe Draco… none of us are… but this will raise your odds as well as everyone else’s higher then a twenty percent survival rate.” Ron stated. “Because what they want you for is to somehow bring Voldemort back… only stronger.”

“That can’t be possible. It can’t be…” Draco stared at them wide-eyed.

“And now you understand why we have to capture Diander. Relax Draco… you’ll be in no more danger then usual.” Ron smiled at him sardonically.

“You can hardly blame me for not believing this?” He looked at the questionably.

“Of course not. You just don’t have the time not to.” Hermione stated quite firmly and then reached out and took his hand. “You’re going to have to have a great a deal of faith in us. I know that sounds rather scary but you’re in good hands Draco. Trust us.”

“I trust you… It’s the rest of the world I’m worried about.”


Ginny signaled to George to follow her as she carefully walked the path that lead to Bella Diander’s home on the outskirts of London. She could see Fred through the gloomy on the other side of her some yards away. The used no light but kept a hold of this listening devices as the carefully walked alert for any sound. A car passed by on the road but it was merely a muggle. Ginny stared at the small manor and pressed a hand to her chest in an attempt to shoulder courage and felt the brand like tattoo of the phoenix that symbolized the night she died and breathed deeply. And then it dawned on her why the Death Eaters wanted Draco.

It takes great caring to bring a person back. You may exchange their life for the enemy who wronged them such as when Peter Pettigrew killed her and Tonks and Cho Chang brought her back. Or, you can exchange the life of a betrayer for the life of the one they betrayed. But there was a distinct time frame. And time for Voldemort was running out.

“Fred! Fred!” She whispered hurriedly. “I need you to fall back and contact Harry… Tell him that there might be an attack on the base.”

“What? Why?!”

“I figured it out! I figured out what it is they want! They need this warning Fred!” She hissed before she cut the communication.

George signaled to her. Someone was coming. She crouched low and slipped back into the bushes and watched as what she assumed was the gatekeeper walked the length of the wide yard and back. With some relief she watched as he headed back for the gatehouse. Checking around her she signaled to her older brother and slowly headed for the house. She heard the sound of something breaking and turned to her left to see a small woman sitting on the deck. Diander. This was going to be easier then she thought.

She heard George cast the spell for silence as she cast the one for sleep and then Fred was suddenly beside her casting the shrinking spell. She lifted up the sleeping miniature woman and slipped her into her pocket. They turned and crept from the manor as if they’d never been there at all.

But none of them were thinking about the successful mission. They were too busy wondering what, if anything was happening back on base. And Ginny was anxiously sitting on her new found knowledge wondering if maybe they were too late.
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