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Title: Athena University
Author/Artist: Hannah auto
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that JK has written. Other non canon characters are people I made up.
Summary: Things ended up going a little differently for Harry during 4th year. And now after graduating from Hogwarts he is in California, USA to finish of his education away from everyone. But what happens when a ceritan someone comes back to haunt him.

A/N ; four more chapters

“I cannot believe you bought that damn thing,” Theo exclaimed staring at the motorbike in front of them.

Harry managed to look affronted for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly looking back at the bike in front of them. “I think I realized that after someone trying to kill me for seven years I need a thrill factor in my life. So I bought the bike, isn’t it brilliant?”

“If you needed a thrill factor piss me off, or better yet, piss both me and Draco off, trying kissing me to get in a fight with Theo, don’t buy a bike,” Conner said eyeing the contraption with distaste.

“I like thrill factors, I’m no suicidal,” Harry said with a chuckle.

“Oh I’d say you are. Do you remember that kid in Ravenclaw that was in the same year as us? Jason, Jacob, something like that?” Draco asked turning to look at the brunette beside him.

“Do you mean Justin?” Harry asked as Draco nodded.

“Yeah him. Well I got a message from Blaise awhile ago, and it turns out that he also bought a bike, and he got in an accident about two months ago and lost his leg because of it. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I’d rather you still had two legs,” Draco said turning worried gray eyes towards Harry.

“Yes, but his leg is also growing back. That is why I don’t worry, death is the only think magic can’t cure, and so far I’ve managed to not die even though I’ve almost been killed a couple of times,” Harry said with a shrug.

“Harry, I refuse to allow you to ride that thing!” Conner said his voice stern.

Harry turned to look at him with an eyebrow raised. “Look, I am not asking you for permission, I am your friend, not your son, I can ride the damn bike if I want,” he snapped. “Look, I know you’re all worried, but don’t be please. I’ll be fine, if I get an accident then I give you permission to yell and rant at me as long as you want ok? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go for a ride. I’ll be back in an hour tops,” Harry said before jamming the helmet on, getting on the bike and taking off.

Draco, Theo and Conner watched him go all of them having the same worried look in their eyes.

“Well, at least one good thing came out of this,” Theo said a smirk on his face. The other stared at him a little surprised to see such an out of place expression his face.

“What?” Conner asked a little nervously.

“Those pants and jacket,” Theo said with a laugh.

Draco and Conner both of them nodded as they agreed with the idea of Harry in leather pants and jacket. “Come on, lets go play poker or something,” Draco drawled wanting to so something to keep his mind of off Harry.

“Only if it’s strip poker,” Conner said with a grin causing Theo to roll his eyes and shake his head in a no.


Nine hours later and they were all beginning to worry a little. They had expected Harry to be back eight hours ago, but he still hadn’t arrived back. Draco had taken to nervous pacing unable to keep his emotions under control. Conner and Theo looked just as worried as they sat wrapped around each other.

“He’s probably just eating something, or maybe he’s at the mall talking to Jamie, he does that a lot doesn’t he. Or he might be shopping, or maybe he decided to go for a run before he came in. He might be talking to a teacher about something, or he could just be taking a long time. But don’t you think he should be back by now? Its dark, he should be heading back by now at least don’t you think?” Draco ranted as he walked back and fourth.

“Draco, calm down. We are all a little worried, but you are taking it out of control,” Theo the ever present voice of reason said.

“Worried, I am NOT worried, this is not me worried, this is me just beginning to get worried,” Draco said as his pacing increased.

“Draco, who are you so worried? I mean a few weeks ago you weren’t talking to him, and well now your guys are talking, but I didn’t expect this reaction from you,” Theo asked confused. Conner nodded his head agreeing with his boyfriend – it was a bit odd to see the usually calm, cool and collected one of them so nervous and worried.

“I have a tendency to worry a lot about those I love,” Draco said absently. His pacing slowed down to a stop when he realized exactly what he had said. He turned wide eyed to look at Conner and Theo who were regarding him with the same look.

“You love him? But you said you didn’t, at dinner,” Conner asked sounding confused. He did want them to get together, but he wasn’t expecting love – he just wanted to give them a chance.

“No, you asked if we wanted a relationship, and at that time I didn’t. But it was four bloody months ago, I know him better and I still love him and I want him to be ok,” Draco said just as someone knocked on the door.

Draco turned on his heel and in three quick steps he had crossed the room and yanked open the door expecting to see Harry standing there windblown looking sheepish for forgetting his key. Instead he saw a small woman with blonde hair looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Hello?” he asked uncertainty.

“Is Theo here?” she asked. Draco nodded and stepped aside as he marched in.

“Hey Mom,” Theo said conversationally.

“Hey Mack, do you know Draco?” Conner said nodding his head at Draco who was gaping at Mack surprised that someone as young as she looked could be Theo’s mother.

“Not now sweetie. Samaritan hospital just called, your friend Harry just got in an accident, he’s fine but we can’t bring him here, too many people have seen him. So he has to get better the normal way. He say’s not to worry and not to visit him, he’ll be home soon,” Mack said briskly.

Silence followed her announcement for a moment before Conner began to yell.

“Not visit him! Is he out of his fucking mind! He better hope he’s at a hospital when I get through with him,” Conner said lurching out of his seat and stalking to the door.

“Wait in line,” Draco muttered running to catch up with Conner leaving Theo to try and placate his mum.

Five minutes later they were walking down the door to where Harry’s room was Conner with a thunderous expression on his face and Draco’s carefully schooled to indifference even though now and then his eyes would flash with worry and anger. They got to his room and stood in the doorway waiting for the nurse to finish before moving in to get the first good look at Harry.

He looked awful. His arm was wrapped in a sling and he had a few cuts on his torso, mostly he was covered in big purple bruises that spread across his entire front and probably his back. His lower body was covered but Draco was willing to bet that is was just as bruised as every other part of him. His eyes were currently closed so he was unable to see Conner and Draco flanking the bed. They waited until the nurse left. As soon as the door was closed Draco cast a locking and a silencing spell on the room before Conner exploded.

“Harry Potter! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Why the fuck didn’t you listen to us, you said you needed a fucking thrill factor, well is this thrilling enough for you. Bad enough we spent the past eight hours worrying our ASSES off, and then we find out from Mack that you had been in an accident and had the nerve to tell us to stay away for now. I don’t fucking think so bucko, we are here and we are fucking going to stay here. I don’t give a fuck what you think right now, this is your damn fault and maybe I might be inclined to give you a pain relieving potion but I highly doubt it,” Conner all but screamed at Harry who had opened his eyes with a jump at the sudden noise.

Draco could see him pressing himself into the pillows and he couldn’t blame him. They had never seen Conner mad, and now they knew why not to. He looked like he was going to rip the throat out, or hex anyone who so much as blinked at him wrong. Draco could see Harry swallow his eyes wide. For a moment he felt sorry for him, but then the anger was back in tenfold.

“Conner is right, do you honestly think we were going to stay away? Merlin we were all so bloody worried,” Draco said quietly his voice in stark contrast to Conner’s but no less menacing.

Harry managed to look sheepish and he ducked his head muttering a sorry which only seemed to make Conner a little angrier.

“Sorry, sorry just doesn’t cut it Harry, how the hell could you be so stupid. I mean seriously, how in the fuck did you get into an accident after that whole spiel of being careful and not doing anything dangerous! And now look the fuck where you are! In a fucking muggle hospital having to get better the long fucking way because I bet they are going to have to make you come back for check ups because right now I can tell you that your collar bone is fractured! Not to mention you have at least THREE broken ribs!” Conner finished with a yell.

“It wasn’t my fault, some wanker didn’t stop at a stop light and went straight though and clipped the end of my mind causing me to spin and close control. Two seconds earlier and he’d hit me, and you’d be at the morgue,” Harry said in defense of himself.

This seemed to stop Conner from going off on another tirade again as he blinked looking at Harry. All of a sudden Conner had Harry in his arms holding him closing being careful of the injury and squeezing him to his chest. “Don’t ever do that to me again,” Conner whispered his eyes closed as all anger seemed to leak out of him.

“I won’t don’t worry, no more bike for me. My thrill factors going to be fine for a long time,” Harry said a little shakily as he awkwardly returned the hug.

Conner stepped back with a small wet laugh as he stepped back allowing Draco to step closer. He placed a cautious hand on Harry’s giving it a squeeze.

“What no hug?” Harry said with a laugh.

Draco shrugged a shoulder decided something right then. Leaning in he quickly placed his lips against Harry’s in a brief but forceful kiss. Moving, he wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck and turned his head to the side so his lips were near Harry’s ear. “Don’t you ever fucking do that again Potter, I am not fucking losing you again. I intend to keep this relationship for a long time,” he said with as much stubbornness and forcefulness that he could manage not giving Harry a matter in the option. Harry nodded his head not really wanting to refute the possibility of getting back together with Draco.

Draco opened his mouth about to say something but then the nurse walked back into the room a clipboard in her hands.

“Alright then, now Mr. Potter I am going to need to get some medical background from you on past injuries and such just so we know in case you are allergic to anything and whatnot. Now first I need you to tell me if you are allergic to any medicine, and then I would like all your previous injuries,” the nurse said in her clipped professional voice.

“I’m not allergic to anything, but painkillers don’t work on me. I’m immune to them,” Harry admitted in a weak voice. Draco and Conner shared a look of surprise before turning to look at the nurse who was faring no better than them.

“And why is that Mr. Potter?” she asked.

“I’ve taken so many. I get hurt a lot,” he said absently shrugging his shoulders which caused him to wince.

“OK then, what injuries have you sustained since you were 11?” she asked.

Harry winced again and took a deep breath, “I have broken my left leg four times, my right three, and my right wrist about ten times and my left about twice. I’ve dislocated my right shoulder six times and my left three times. This would be the third time I’ve injured my collarbone, but the first two were actually broken. I’ve have broken all my fingers about five times each, twelve broken noses, a lot of cuts and burns and such. Each of my ribs have been broken at least one, and the bottom ones at least four times each. I have torn the ligaments in my right knee, but its fine now. I’ve been in three comas, the longest being three months and the least being three weeks. I’ve almost died twice, but they managed to get my better and my heart stopped once so I was technically dead for a minute but then they got it started again,” he finished in a rush into the silence around them.

“Good lord child, what did you do?” the nurse said her eyes wide with wonderment and surprise.

“Umm, I’m a thrill seeker so I tend to go looking for activities that could hurt me, most of the broken bones came from rock climbing falls, and the other things are form other sports like wakeboarding and such,” Harry said with a shrug not meeting anyone’s eyes.

Draco felt like snorting – he knew that that had to be the biggest lie he had ever heard, Harry had gotten most of those injuries from fighting and playing Quidditch – not some damn muggle sport.

The nurse frowned sympathetically at him before she smiled at him – a true smile. “Well then, we were going to keep you’re here overnight, but I think with your history you know how to take care of yourself, so as soon as we fix your collarbone, wrap your ribs and we stitch up a few of those cuts we’ll let you go.

“Mam, if it would help I am studying to become a doctor so I can watch over him and make sure he doesn’t hurt too much,” Conner said the raging anger from before gone to be replaced with a benign smile.

“Yes, that would help a lot. Let me just go get the doctor so he can fix your friend up,” she said with another soft smile before she left closing the door behind her.

As soon as the door was closed Conner turned and stared at Harry who pressed himself into the pillows a little more. “I don’t want to know how your hurt yourself before, but just because I am a nice person when I’m not pissed off I will heal your collar and ribs when we are back home, but everything else is going to have to be healed the normal muggle way. I am feeling pretty vindictive right now,” Conner said with a glare.

Draco snorted, “Understatement of the century.”

“And you, since he is now you’re boyfriend, then I suggest you can be the one who takes care of him,” Conner said with another falsely benign smile.

“Fine, but just to point out we’re not officially boyfriends as of yet,” Draco said with a small smile of his own before he turned to look at Harry who was watching the exchange with wide eyes. “Harry, would you consider going out with me again?” he asked with a small pout smile thing that only he could do.

Harry looked at him for a moment before nodding his head briefly. “Sure, let’s try this again shall we? Minus the friends,” Harry said with a smile.

Draco grinned and nodded moving slightly so he was standing next to Harry and took his hand and have it a squeeze.

“About fucking time,” Conner muttered as he watched them the smile on his face once more.

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