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Title: Lovesick Fool
Author/Artist: Hannah punkimonki
Rating: hard R
Warnings: FLUFF!!
Disclaimer: Me no make moola
Summary: Draco's point of view, he's a bit wordy so its long.

1. The Deal
2. PW

I had to be perfect and cultured, know everything about everyone and be the perfect gentlemen to the people I liked and needed to be liked from, and then be a complete and utter asshole to the people I didn’t like. The only problem with that was that who I like and who I didn’t was dictated by my father – and he and I had different views on nearly everything.

By the time I was 11 I had almost been disowned three times and I was bordering on the fourth before my mother stepped it. He was literally wrapped around her pinky – contrary to popular belief they married because they loved each other, and still loved each other to this day. No one ever believed me when I told them that so I just let them believe what they wanted me to believe – I knew the truth after all.

I know my parents love me and I love them – but sometimes they get on my nerves. They think they know every little thing about me just because we share blood and a name - but they don’t. Take for example my favorite quidditch team; you think it would be the Ballycastle Bats, Falmouth Flacon or the Montrose Magpies. But it’s none of them, it’s actually the Chudly Channons – bet you weren’t expecting that. My parents also don’t know I hate the colour green, it makes me look pale and sickly.

However they do know a lot about me – like take for example when I realized I was gay. Well I wasn’t the one to realize it, it was my mother told me. She walked into my room one day, told me I was gay, gave me a book to read and then said my father knew and they were fine with it as long as I adopted a child to carry on the name. Then she said that I ever needed some experience she was sure they could find someone to help me.

I was 8 when they told me.

Needless to say I was a little surprised about the whole thing. I mean I was 8 years old and my parents had just told me I was gay and they were fine with it. Now that I’m older I’m kind of glad they did – it saved the whole coming out of the closet problem that a lot of kids have, they already knew and were fine with it. But still, it was something that traumatized me for a little bit, but about twenty minutes later I was over it and read the book – which was titled The Joys of Gay Sex by Mr. R Snape and Mr. S Lupin. I read it, found out a lot and then that was that. I didn’t actually do anything with anyone until I was 14, but I knew how to and that is a lot more than I can say about other people.

My friends took it well and they never said anything – I think they were afraid of what might happen if they did – I mean after all, I am the son of a known death eater, something good comes out of that. Although I doubt I would do anything – I hate to fight, but don’t tell anyone.

My first crush – and the person I still crush on to this day – was the one and only Harry Potter. I first met him at a robe store and thought he was pretty cute but promptly forgot about it as we began to fight against each other in the hallways – I would fight so I could get close, but I think he actually hated me, I could see it in his eyes every time we fought over something stupid. I was raised to hate him for what he did to my fathers master, I was raised for me to hurt him as much as I could – but I guess more of my mother was in me than I thought. Whenever I looked at him I wanted to hold him and keep him away from the horrors I knew growing up and just keep in him a perpetual state of happiness so that no one could ever harm him again.

However, it did hurt a little to see such anger directed towards me, but as long as I could see him I was fine – I know it’s sappy and all, but I am a gay man and look at my father for goodness sakes. I blame it on him, he is forever showering my mother with roses and gifts and stuff. And of course she takes them with love, kisses him and they disappear for the night. I am constantly amazed that I am still an only child.

Remember how I said I hated the colour green? Well I still do, except there is one green that I will never hate, and that is the colour of his eyes. The way they sparkle and gain little flecks of silver when he is happy, and then the way they darken when he is mad – usually with me – and then now and then I have seen them get a bit of blue when he is sad. His eyes are expressive, like two green emeralds that shine in the sun for eternity soaking everything in and missing nothing.

I learnt all that I just wrote about Harry by sixth year. It may not seem like a whole lot, but to me it was enough.

Sixth year I began to notice some changes happening in him. First he seemed to get a little broader across the shoulders and he seemed happier than he had in a long time. He didn’t grow – he was a shrimp but I didn’t mind, I wasn’t exactly tall either. He had begun to grow his hair out slightly and I noticed it now looked messed, but nicely messy. As if somehow he was controlling it. He had gotten rid of his glasses so his eyes stood out more vibrantly. In my mind he was beautiful.

I tended to stay away from him that year not sure I could control myself if I was around him. The desire to throw myself at him and just hold him for the rest of eternity – with copious amounts of snogging and sex as bonus – was almost took much for me to ignore.

The summer before this year was boring. The most interesting thing that happened was me messing up a potion so it made me grow instead of my hair growing. Because of this I shot up from my five seven frame to something closer to six foot four – I was the tallest person in school easily. I was happy about this – but at the same time I was upset because it meant that there was now a viable foot between myself and the object of my desires. Of course my parents found it funny – but they did let me go shopping wherever I wanted to get clothes so that was a bonus.

When I came back from school after the war – which I was mysteriously missing for the entirety of it, in actual fact I was in New Zealand hiding with the Maori wizards learning new things just so I wouldn’t fight – I was rearing to see Harry again – I wanted to see if he had changed after the war or if he was still the same. However – much to my disappointment – he wasn’t there. And he wasn’t there for the next two months. I knew he was alive – but apart from that there was nothing else and truth be told I was beginning to worry. I know its odd saying something like that – worrying for someone who is supposed to be your worst enemy – but I am a lovesick fool, and everyone knows it.

The beginning of the second month of school I had just sat down at the table and was talking to Pansy about some homework that we had done the night before when the doors opened and someone walked in. I didn’t pay any attention of course – I still had to keep up appearances of an aloof person – until people started gasping and Pansy muttered an oh fuck and was rapidly turning a bright pink. Of course at that point in time I knew someone interesting had walked in – it takes a lot to turn Pansy pink, even more than me.

I turned to see who walked into the Great Hall and if I hadn’t had 17 years of aloofness training under my belt I would’ve fainted, but as it is my jaw dropped slightly for a moment as I caught my first sight of Harry since last school year. Whatever happened to him had done him a world of good. He looked beautiful. Thick black hair, bright green eyes, he was taller, but still shorter than me, his skin was tanned and he had the most carefree smile on his face – I felt my breath hitch a little and it was all I could do to not hyperventilate. I closed my mouth slowly and turned to see if anyone had seen me looking at Harry like a lovesick puppy – but they were staring at him with the same expression, come to think of it the entire school was looking at him with that expression. I could see a few teachers looking at him like that – in fact that only people that seemed to not notice him were Snape and the other two thirds of the golden trio.

Soon enough everyone managed to calm down and eat, as did I, but I still cast glances at the other table wishing that the other boy was gay – so I would have some mediocre of hope that there was a chance, but there was none.

The new couple of months were spent like that – me watching him and him hating me. We fought like we always did – but each time we did it hurt a little more each time. I wanted nothing more than to just say sorry and to try and get over it. I opened my mouth more times than not to say sorry but what came out instead was a string of insults ranging from his looks to his parents to his actions – my father had a bigger influence on me than I thought possible.

I had opted to stay at the castle over Christmas break – I had been working on a new derivate of the wolfs bane potion that should by theory stop the pain and make the transformation quicker and smoother and I needed to check it over the break. I knew that Harry and his friends would stay. What I hadn’t been expecting was that in the entire castle is was them three, me, our heads and Flich – and that was it. Creepy wouldn’t even begin to describe the castle at this time. I spent most of the time in the bottom of the castle working on the potion generally staying out of the way of everyone. I expected to spend the entire break with only seeing anyone for about three hours a day before they were gone – and I wasn’t too upset about it.

But plans are made to be broken and they did in this case. I was calmly working on my potion about the third day into break when all of a sudden he walked into the room completely and utter nonchalant about it. He said hi and I nodded my head watching him out of the corner of my eye confused about all of this. I watched as he walked into the room and calmly sat down on the table across from me and watched me. It was a little unnerving and I felt myself shift from side to side nervously wondering what was going to happen.

Slowly we began to talk – him asking me questions and I answered them truthfully. We stayed with the safe topics – quidditch, colours, and fears – things that wouldn’t invoke something that we didn’t want to invoke. I am sure I surprised him with the answers to his questions – after all each of them was something that went completely against whatever he thought of me.

I finished the part of the potion that I had been working on and began to clean up by hand and I saw him look at me confused and he asked why I was doing it without magic. I kept my back turned to him - because I didn’t want him to see how completely adorable I thought he was when he was confused – and I explained why.

I glanced over at him after I was done cleaning up and I knew right then that there was nothing I could do to stop my body from walking over there and at least kissing him once. He looked so relaxed, so completely calm without a care in his world, and it was damn sexy. Taking a deep breath I put my things down and then turning around I took the steps I needed to take and stood before him before I kissed him softly. I was shocked when he began to reply to my kiss and kiss me back. I felt my heart soar and I knew I was going to die happy. We pulled back after awhile just looking at each other and then before I knew I asked him to be my boyfriend – I hadn’t thought about it, it just felt so right that I knew I had made the right decision. When he said yes I felt like I was going to burst from happiness and before I knew it we were kissing again – but this time it led to something more and I wasn’t sure I could stop – but luckily he didn’t seem to mind. Pretty soon we were coming and it was the most intense orgasm I think I’d ever had.

The next two weeks were exactly like that – we would meet, kiss and end up groping in a corner followed by talking. We never actually had sex – but I wanted it more than anything. Not just because I wanted to be able to say I buggered the Boy-Who-Won, but because I knew it would be messy, beautiful and absolutely perfect and I wanted to be able to see his face the first time he came from that – I am sure it is the thing that Shakespeare thought when he wrote Romeo and Juliet – just the look on someone’s face as they basked in the afterglow of a bout of sex that came from love and nothing less than that.

The last day before everyone came back I knew I wanted it to be special. During the break we didn’t have to worry about people finding us – we has the entire castle to ourselves basically – but once everyone came back then we would have to keep it a secret, I didn’t want to. I wanted to go and scream it out for the entire world to see – but he wanted to wait until the time was right, and I would agree to anything he said.

I had spent the entire day setting up an unused room deep in the castle exactly how I liked it. It was over romantic and everything – but I couldn’t care less. I felt like some bloody girl – but at the same time I couldn’t be happier. I had told Harry to meet my down by my common room entrance at four and to dress as nice as he could. I was ready by three thirty and met him at four on the dot. He looked good, no, actually he looked bloody gorgeous. He had on a pair of nice black pants, a emerald green shirt and he had pulled his hair back into a nice ponytail instead of the messy one it was usually in. It was all I could do to not jump his bones right then and there – but I did induce a heavy snogging session that lasted well over the fifteen minute mark.

When we finally walked to where the room was and I made sure his eyes were closed before I sat him down at the table and told him to open his eyes. He looked around a little suspired at what I had done – but the look of happiness in his eyes was enough for me. We ate the food I had prepared and talked a lot just reveling in the company. I was expecting something to happen tonight – but I wasn’t going to be disappointed if nothing happened.

Dinner progressed and we talked about things. We eventually got around to a quick game of firsts finding out who had done what and what with. I knew he was a virgin – what I didn’t know was that he had never kissed anyone besides me or Ginny – he had tried to kiss Cho but it didn’t count. He was more or less using those two to try and tell himself that he was gay.

Somehow we ended up on the couch I had set up for drinks and afterwards. We talked some more and then when I was debating on weather or not to make a move he surprised me by moving quickly, sitting on my lap, plucking my drink from my hands, setting it down with his and kissing me for all his worth.

I was in shock for a moment but then I wrapped my arms around him and we began to kiss. What happens next is exactly as it happened.

We separated for breath and I grinned at him still unable to believe that this was actually happening. I moved a hand from his hip to run over his lips softly. He smiled and me and leaned down so our lips were bare millimeters from his own our breathing mingling. I pressed forward grabbing his bottom lip between my teeth biting gently for a moment before releasing them and licking them.

I moved my hand down to his hips again running my thumb over his hipbone once more. My other hand moved to rest on his lower back brushing against the fabric that rested there. I smiled up at him before slipping my hand into his pants resting my hand on his butt rubbing my thumb along the smooth flesh softly.

I could feel his breathing quicken against my lips and his hips press down against mine in a quick movement. I felt his hands begin to run over my chest softly before his fingers curled at the edge of my shirt and began to draw it up his eyes questioning. I raised my arms above my head and he drew it all the way off before he removed his own. I stared at him for a moment before I dropped my head and took a nipple into my mouth sucking gently my teeth running over the sensitive skin. He threw his head back his hand winding through my hair.

“Oh god, Dray,” I heard him hiss as I latched my lips onto his neck biting and sucking gently. My fingers curled into his hair gently tilting his head to the side so I could have better access to his neck for a moment before I raise my head up to meet his lips once more.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of his lips against mine. Ever since he had kissed me that first time, every time that we had separated after that my lips felt like ice, it was as if his lips were the only thing that could keep me warm. And that was fine with me.

He pulled back resting his forehead on mine once more. I opened my eyes meet his with a smile on my face.

“I have a question,” he breathed softly.

I nodded my head wondering what he wanted to know.

“Have you ever slept with another man? I mean I heard rumors that you did, I was just wondering if you had,” he asked softly his eyes moving down to stare at my lips.

“A few people, but no one ever meant anything to me but you,” I muttered softly.

I saw him look at me surprise crossing his face.

“Don’t look so shocked, I really do like you” I said jokingly tapping his nose with my forefinger.

“I’m not; I was just expecting you to lie or something and say you’ve slept with no one else. I know I would’ve,” he said softly looking down.

I nodded understanding with a smile and ran my hands over his smooth skin brushing over the fine hairs that lingered there. He smiled down at me before his mouth latched onto my neck and began to suck softly for the first time; even from that I knew I was going to have a lot of hickes in the morning.

“You should wear you hair out,” I said softly playing with the rubber band that held it in place.

He grinned at me shaking his head, “it gets annoying. I’m leaving in it, no matter what you say.”

I grinned mischievously reaching down between us to rub over his crotch softly. He groaned and dropped his head to rest on my chest.

“You sure about that?” I asked increasing the pressure a little but still moving slowly.

“That’s not fair,” he muttered. I smiled at him shrugging my shoulders as I pressed down a little more and began to move my hand in circle. I could feel his cock grow harder underneath my touch.

“Fine,” he panted out reaching up and taking his hair out so it fell in his face.

I smiled at him as I ran my hand through his hair before gripping it and pulling his head towards me. I captured his lips with my own in a slow breathtaking kiss. His hand entwined with my free one resting it at out sides.

He broke the kiss dropping down to kiss at my neck for a moment before his lips began to trail down. My breathing began to get more and more erratic as he came closer and closer to my groin. A lot of it was from the fact that he had never done this – not even to me. I only did it to him. I let go of my death grip on his hair when I heard him whimper in pain as it pulled a little. I smiled sheepishly at him transferring the grip to the couch.

I watched him sit up our hands separating - much to my dismay - as he grinned at me before his fingers began to deftly undo the buttons and the zipper on my pants.

“Now it’s my turn to get you naked,” he said with a wicked grin as he began to pull them down along with my boxers. I lifted my hips up agreeing to the unspoken question.

He dropped them off to the side somewhere before he ran his hands up my thighs looking down at me.

He smiled nervously as he leaned down and placed a kiss on the tip of my cock. I groaned at the feeling of those lips against the sensitive skin. He smiled a little more sure of himself and licked his lips at me causing my hips to buck up.

“You are entirely, too dressed,” I managed to get out between pants as his fingers began to trace nimble fingers along the skin softly.

“I agree,” he said with a smile.

I watched as he rose to his feet as he slowly stripped of his pants. He hooked his fingers into the pants and began to pull them down slowly his face serious and nervous as he did so. I felt like I was watching a strip show, my own private one and I never wanted it to stop. I felt my cock twitch at the sight in front of me.

He turned around and sat down on my lap pulling his pants of the rest of the way. I could feel his butt rub against my crotch and I groaned.

I sat up wrapping my arms around his waist pulling him against me as my lips found his neck attacking it in a similar way he had done before. He tilted his head to the side allowing me more freedom of his neck. I smiled in the kissed biting and nipping my way along his shoulder. I bit gently into his should leaving a little half moon mark that soon disappeared. I had always been a little bit of a biter.

I began to run my hands over his chest my fingers playing with his nipples until they were hardened nubs against my fingers. I trailed one of my hands down to where his cock rested my fingers wrapping around it and giving it an experiential jerk.

I felt him shudder and his hips buck forward into my hand. I grinned as I latched my lips onto his shoulder once more as I began to stroke him slowly my hand moving up and down at an antagonizing pace. I could feel his body shivering against my own and I sped up my pace a little, gripping a little harder liking the reaction that I got.

“Like this?” I asked softly into his skin. I felt him nod and with an evil grin I removed my hand.

I leaned back watching him turn around and glare at me.

“Meanie,” he muttered before he also turned around straddling my hips.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him against me for a moment before I stood up taking both of out weight without trouble. I glanced towards the bedroom with a questioningly looking as he nodded. With a smile I began to move there opening the door before setting him down on the bed. I stretched out on top of him making sure I wasn’t going to crush him. Both of us gasped at the same time as the friction that our cocks rubbing together created. He smiled at me for a moment his eyes glinted evilly and he began to rock his hips slowly up against mine creating a wonderful friction.

The pleasure began to build up in me as my mouth dropped open and my breathing became short and choppy. I could tell he was beginning to lose control as well, his movement began to speed up and my hips began to grind down. Eventually we settled into a rhythm of sorts humping each other wildly both of us too lost in pleasure to do anything but gasp and moan with each movement. I could feel a tingling sensation begin at the tops of my toes as it spread throughout my body.

“I’m going to come,” he gasped a moment before he came shooting his seed all over out chests.

That was all it took before I came as well barely seconds behind him. I relaxed a little trying to keep my weight of off him as I felt our chests begin to stick together. I smiled at him and he grinned back at me before wrapping his legs around my waist and twisting until he was straddling me.

I watched as he ran a finger over out chests mixing both of our seed together before placing the finger in his mouth and licked it clean. I groaned at the sight my eyes closing.

“Are you sure you’re a virgin?” I asked jokingly a grin on my face.

“Yes, why do you ask?” he said as he dropped his head to lick up my chest for a moment before smiling at me.

“Because you are a lot less awkward than I was,” I said panting as he continued to clean up my chest with his tongue.

“Well I said I was a virgin, I never said I’ve never watched porn. And it feels right with you, so I’m comfortable,” he said with a grin.

He looked down continuing his cleaning never as I stared at him incredulous.

I felt his lips move closer and closer to my groin as his hands began to rub slow teasing circles over my hips. I felt myself grow hard again much to my surprise. I felt him place a soft kiss on each of my thighs before moving his hands to rub where the lips has just been. I felt his lips close, oh so close and then they stopped.

I looked down at him and almost came again from the sight. He was grinned up at me his lips bruised and his hair falling around his face. I sat up on an elbow looking down at him. I watched him as he dropped his head and placed a small kiss on the top of my penis. I groaned my head dropping back and I began to pant. He grinned up at me and I could take it no more.

I entwined my fingers in his hair and pulled his head up crushing my lips against mine in a bruising kiss. I felt his tongue plead for entrance and I opened my mouth without a second thought. I could taste him and myself intermingled on his tongue and this caused me to be turned on even more. I pulled his head closer against my lips never wanting for them to leave again. I would survive without breathing; I think I would at least, as long as he was here with me to help me through everything.

He pulled back and I whimpered looking at me with a pleading look in my eyes. He just grinned and shook his head, I tried to pull him back using his hair as leverage but he just reached down and grabbed me and tugged me gently. It was enough for me to arch up off the bed and let go of his hair in order to find better purchase, in the bed sheets.

I felt his lips once more begin to move down my chest as his hand stroked me gently now and then adding a twist. I wanted to try and do something, to watch but his lips and his touch had been in a writhing mess, I couldn’t do anything but moan.

I felt his lips encircle the tip of my length and suck gently. I swallowed back a moan as I felt his lips begin to move further down his tongue licking. I chose at this moment to look at him, I let loose a rather loud groan at the sight. I had always thought his lips were fuckable, but this just brought it to a whole new level.

I felt my body arch up off the bed and I felt his hands hold me down as he gave a particularly vicious suck which almost made me come. I could feel the pressure build up inside of me and I knew I would come soon. I felt him give one more suck before pulling off.

I gasped as the sudden change in temperature and the fact that he was grinning at me naughtily as he crawled up to hover over me.

“Evil,” I muttered turning my head to the side as I fought to catch my breath.

“Not really. I just want to make it last,” he said smiling as his lips began to attack my neck.

I moaned a little before an idea began to form in my mind. I had given a number of blow jobs in my life, and I knew exactly what to do. I had also been told that I was rather good at them. I wrapped my arms around his back and wrapped one of my legs around his grinding against him for a moment before I somehow managed to flip us over.

He looked up at me a look of surprise coming over his face before it turned to a questioning look. I just grinned at him before I began to move down his body licking here and there as I did so. I could feel him begin to pant and I felt a hand entwine with my hair as I finally reached his crotch.

I licked the tip my eyes looking up to see his reaction. His mouth was open and he was panting I felt my cock twitch at the sight. Without taking my eyes of off him I took the tip into my mouth and sucked gently. His head began to thrash side to side as I began to suck harder.

I took a moment to thank god that I had next to no gag reflex before I took all of him inside at once. I felt his hips arch of the bed and I hummed softly. I placed my hands on his hips holding him down. I began to suck moving my head up and down at a slow antagonizing pace wanting to draw this out as much as possible.

I drew my head up raking my teeth gently along the flesh and I felt him moan loud and clear.

“Oh gods, I’m going to come, pull off I’m going to,” he said trying to pull me up. He always said the same thing – but I would never leave, I liked the way he tasted – it was like a foreign delicacy.

I just sucked harder preparing myself to when he would come. He did a moment later and I swallowed every last drop reveling in the taste. I smiled up at him moving a little so I could rest my head on his chest looking up at him as he recovered.

“Wow,” he managed to get out in between pants.

I smiled at him and licked my lips as he looked at me. He sat up pulling my lips up to meet his in a slow soft tantalizing kiss. I felt his lips begin to move and trail along my jawbone up to my ear where he nipped my earlobe.

“Can I have you?” I heard him ask softly.

“Huh?” I asked. I wasn’t confused as to what he was asking I just wanted to see if he would beg for it.

“I want you to be inside of me. Can I? Please,” he asked pulling back to look at me as he pouted.

I nodded a smile on my face. A grin broke out on his as he wrapped his legs around me once more and began to rock against me slowly as he kissed me. I could feel him grow hard once more and I smiled.

“Lube?” he asked worried.

I nodded and reached over into the draw next to my bed and grabbed it.

He smiled at me before sitting up again catching my lips in another kiss. I felt his hand travel down over my back and over my butt. He broke the kiss and brought his other hand up to my lips running them over my lips softly. I opened my mouth and let my tongue flicked out over there before is sucked them into my mouth. He groaned taking them out of my lips.

Slowly I shifted us so he was laying face down on the bed. I ran a hand lovingly along the firm flesh there. Covering my hand in the lube I coated my fingers. I felt him smile into my neck before one finger gently entered him. He squeezed his eyes shut at it as I slowly began to move my finger in and out slowly making sure that it didn’t hurt too much.

I pulled the finger out before I gently pressed two fingers back inside of him.

“Are you ok?” I asked him.

He nodded my head. “It burns a little, but mostly it just feels odd.

I nodded taking a deep calming breath before I began to move my fingers eventually adding three. Soon he was pressing back against my fingers and I knew it was time.

“Do you want to face me?” I asked softly as he nodded.

I smiled as he shifted until he was laying down beneath me. I pushed his legs up softly before I slowly began to push against his entrance going slow looking for any sign of pain. I felt myself getting past the first ring and sliding all the way in. It felt like heaven. I stayed like that planting kisses all along his body waiting for his to adjust.

“Move,” I heard him ask quietly.

I gently drew out of him barley before entering again allowing him to get used to the sensation. Slowly I began to move a little more drawing out and moving into him a little more. I knew I had pressed against his prostrate when he threw his head back with a gasp.

I felt him wrap his legs around me and the next time I pushed into him he raised his hips and pushed back against me. Both of us moaned at that.

“Harder,” he whispered.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you,” I asked stopping.

He pressed back against me moving his hips around, “I’m fine,” he whispered his voice husky.

He groaned before his lips latched onto my neck and began to kiss and such as the junction. I felt his hands begin to move over my chest playing once more with my nipples.

I drew out of him almost to the tip before slamming back into him. There was a brief flash of pain before he moaned loudly letting me know I had hit his prostrate and I groaned loudly.

“God, Harry,” I moaned.

I drew out once more began moving back in. “Gods you’re so tight, it feels so good,” I muttered into his neck.

I wrapped a hand around his erection stroking him in time to our thrusts as we set up a rhythm of sorts. Soon enough we were riding waves of bliss both of us screaming each others names as loud as we could.

I collapsed on top of his chest unable to keep of off him. I was boneless – that had to be the best moment of my life right then.

“I don’t wanna leave you,” i said softly my breathing still erratic.

“Then don’t, I like the way you feel inside of me. Just stay for now,” he whispered placing a kiss on my cheek. “We’re gonna have ta do that one again,” I heard him whisper a moment later.

I grinned and him shaking my head at his obvious enthusiasm before questing to his request as we stayed like that for the rest of the night.


Now four months later we are still going strong. I’m not sure if he loves me or not – but I do know that he wanted to tell people and I was afraid too. So when Hermione came up with the deal then I found it was a way of telling him I wanted to.

I did what she asked and then we talked about it and decided to play a trick – at my expense but I am a lovesick fool, so I would do anything for him.

The looks on everyone faces when I came back were priceless. Of course I made my way over to where he sat and in a moment he was sitting on my lap. I curled into him ignoring the looks on everyone’s faces – it felt like payback of sorts. It was even better when they asked me what I thought of them and I told them truthfully – I think they were trying to get around the fact that I could be so mushy when I wanted to be.

Of course then Seamus had to go and ruin the moment by saying I was pussy whipped – which I wasn’t and so of course I got mad. But then Harry kissed me and told me to calm down and I did. At that point I realized that I was so I told them that. And of course they laughed at me.


“Love you Dray,” I heard him whisper.

I looked down at him my eyes wide open with shock before I grinned and kissed him, “Love you to,” I whispered against his lips.

“Oh get a room,” Ron muttered.

“We have one, wanna see? I’m sure Harry won’t mind, I mean after all best friends share everything,” I asked raising my eyebrow licking my lips slightly.

Ron turned a bright shade of red as he muttered something ducking his head as everyone laughed.

“I do share, just not you,” Harry said kissing the underside of my jaw again.

“Ok mate, I have a question that’s be bugging the most of us for the school year. How the hell did you get so tall?” Seamus asked leaning closer to me.

“I messed up a hair growing potion; it made me grow instead,” I said with a shrug.

“So, did it make you grow in other places as well?” Neville said with a grin shocking me – but no one else.

“That is no one’s business but ours,” Harry cut in smoothly glaring around at the table.

“Whatever you say princess,” Dean said with a grin causing the rest of the table to burst out laughing leaving me confused.

“Why do they can you that?” I whispered my lips right next to Harry’s ear.

“Those morons think I look like a girl, and so I got princess as a nickname,” he explained with a shrug glaring around at the table.

“Well I can vouch; you are no princess, a handsome prince perhaps,” I said with a smile kissing his cheek.

“So, Malfoy, how is your father taking the fact that you’re gay?” Ron asked.

“He’s fine with it. He’s know for a long time,” I said with a shrug.

“How did you tell him?” Seamus asked looking forward to what he thought would be an interesting story of me getting yelled at.

“Well, my mother came to me one day, told me I was gay, gave me a book to read and said if I needed any help they could find someone to help me. Then she said my dad was ok with it as long as I took a male conception potion and had a kid to continue on with the Malfoy line,” I said with a shrug.

“Well that’s lucky for you,” Neville said.

“I was 8,” I said as silence descended around us.

“Oh, well that’s awkward. But what I don’t get is how you’re father is ok with it,” Ron asked frowning, “As far as I know its not a good thing to be gay in a pureblood family. I know Charlie is but my parents don’t worry, there are a lot more kids, but you’re the only child.”

“Have you seen my father? The one with the long hair, staff and dresses nicely every day?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“You’re fathers gay!” Hermione squeaked her eyes wide.

“Na, he and Mum love each other a lot more than people realize, I just think he’s bi,” I said with a shrug. “Did you know my parents are only 33 years old?”

“That means they were 16 when you were born,” Hermione said.

“Yup, why do you think they got married? Originally he was supposed to marry Ron’s mum, and Mum was supposed to marry Harry’s dad, but because they had me, it got nullified and you’re parents got to marry whomever they wanted,” I said with a grin dropping the final blow with a grin.

Dropping my head in the silence I began to kiss along Harry’s neck my eyes watching Ron and everyone else. I latched onto Harry’s pulse point and began to suck – almost naturally he dropped his head to the side allowing me more room to suck along his neck. I began to move up to his ear and tugged on his earlobe with my teeth, “You sitting on my lap, well I need some relief, want to help?” I asked in my most sultry voice.

I felt him shift slightly and I dropped my hand a little letting it brush over his crotch pressing down for a moment before removing my hand. I felt his breath hitch and he moved of off my lap and grabbed the back of my shirt dragging me away with more strength than most people knew he had.

“Duty calls,” I said with a shrug as I allowed myself to be dragged behind him.

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